Welcome to Brockway Drug Co.

Brockway Drug Co. has been part of the local community since 1962, serving the residents of Brockway and the surrounding area. We offer a special dose of caring that makes you feel right at home. Get to know us, and get to know the value we can bring to your family’s life.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Ron Matson

RPh and Owner

Ron has over 36 years of experience in the world of pharmacy and received his degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. He resides in Brockway with his wife Kathy. They have 6 grown children together.

Lisa Barackman


Lisa has over 20 years of experience in the pharmacy field. She resides in Weedville, PA with her husband Chris. She received her degree from the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy

Laurie Clark

Pharm Tech

Laurie has been a pharmacy technician for 4 years. She resides in Brockport with her husband Ray.

Teresa Henry

Pharm Tech

Teresa has recently become a certified pharmacy technician . She resides in Brockway with her husband Bill.